Technology is supposed to reduce the cost of filing taxes.  With KbalaTax most individuals and married couples will pay $95 to file taxes and if you’re over the age of 65 the price is $70 excluding business returns.   Whether you have a big refund or lots of deductions your price stays the same. (585) 354-1915

Do you want your money a bit faster?  No problem, we provide refund loans to you at cost and without markup.  Always read the fine print, no one has the power to force the IRS to issue refunds quicker.  Your state filing is always included along with a physical & digital copy of your return.  You & Us

2020 Tax Prices

  • Sales tax filing – $25 monthly $50 quarterly $120 annually
  • Email, fax, text or upload scanned documents
  • Federal and all 50 States
  • ayalaSafe